Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Let the Good Times Roll

A BIG congratulations to President Barack Obama for being re-elected as the President. I was invited to a watch party in DC and should have gone (but it was 'hair wash' night in my house). I wanted to watch the election coverage but at the same time I didn't. My feelings were a mixture of being nervous and anxious. It was really obvious because at the start of the race Governor Mitt Romney was in the lead. What was I thinking... usually the 'bible belt' states ALWAYS goes to the Republican. Anyways, America voiced its opinion on who will carry our country into the next 4 years and now ALL of the commercials, radio ads, and debates can finally end *whew*. This weekend, I'm sure the celebration will be all the way live in DC, and yes I will be a part of it (getting my outfit ready in my mind now).

As the coverage was taking place I was able to try out a new product. As you all know I am a former Lush employee and every now and then I have to get my lil fix in. After receiving the Lush Times in the mail I knew exactly which Christmas products I had to get my hand on. For some reason I was super intrigued by the new facial cleanser and their new lip scrub.

Lush goodies with sample
Let me just say that I absolutely LOVED this facial cleanser. Lush describes it as a gentle soft scrub. It also has a light popcorn smell mixed with a dash of cinnamon. I really didn't get the popcorn smell per se; but I really wanted to eat my face off. Yes, it was that serious. The texture is very soft all you need is a drop of water and a pinch of mixture to make a paste to apply to your skin. If you're interested in trying this awesome cleanser, head over to Lush. Its a limited edition Holiday item that retail for $12.95.

It smelled sooo delicious!!!
 I also tried the popcorn lip scrub because in the winter my lips get extremely dry. I will tell you, I was bit disappointed in this one. Maybe had I read the ingredients better I wouldn't have purchased it. But to be honest it was the uber sweet toffee smell that drew me in. My only issues after using it was that it was uber salty. Now if you really know me, salt is one of my FAV foods (DO-NOT-JUDGE-ME). However, this was gross. If you haven't tried the lip scrubs from Lush, they are made for you to lick them off. The taste was gross, but I enjoyed the way my lips felt and smelled afterwards. If you want to give it a try first I say sample it in the store. But if you're into the salty taste, you can get it from a Lush near you for $8.95.

The smell, overdose. The taste, uber gross.
Lastly, I was able to get a free sample of their new North Pole soap. The smell is a mixture of cocoa and peppermint, exactly what Christmas smells like. I haven't used it yet but I'm sure I'll be headed back their way to get a bar size soon.

If this is what the North Pole is like; I want to visit!!!

 There are a few other products I have to get before the season is over. I definitely have to go and pick up Midnight Massage, Sandy Santa, Party Popper, and Father Christmas. What will you be picking up from the Lush Holiday products?

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