Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mosaic Fashion Night

Yesterday I had an opportunity to attend the grand opening of South Moon Under  who also sponsored a book signing with Emily Schuman . This store is located in the Mosiac Fashion Center, a small upscale shopping area; equipped with Nieman's boutique and Anthropology to name a few. Little did I know that last night was a celebration deemed Mosiac Fashion Night? Let's just say the area was popping.

Books, booze, and cupcakes (ooh new blog name)

They even gave us our own regular sized Georgetown Cupcake

I thought that I was ahead of the game since I arrived 30 minutes early. However, this was not the case. It seemed as everyone came out to meet author and blogger Emily Schuman from cupcakes and cashmere who was the guest of the night. The line was from the stores door to the end of the street. Get this, I tried to be a bit fashionable and wear stilettos (going for an 80s type look). Luckily, I'm smart enough to keep a pair of flats within reach. After noticing that there was two lines (one for the book signing and the other just to shop), I decided to take the shorter line. Whoever planned the event did an awesome job with the PR. There were ladies walking the line to hand out fliers which allowed you to tweet and win prizes. There was also someone that was walking around taking information regarding press AKA bloggers like me. I am sooo happy that I was able to receive the press release from CappFab. Since I'd missed the 'earlier arrival' I knew for sure that one of the 50 swag bags was out of the question. However, after providing my blog I was also given a coveted swag bag (oh how we LOVE the freebies). Although I'd purchased a book earlier, they provided one in the swag bags (score). 
I'll take Dolce Vita for 100

Pumps, clutches, and earrings, oh my

I should have got these for my future kid, leopard is ALWAYS in season
 I entered the store and the festivities began, the music was pumping and the DJ wasn't bad on the eyes (omg, I have been single for way too long). I was greeted with my choice of water or alcoholic beverage, of course I chose the latter, you can never go wrong with a little bubbly. The store was a nice size, very open and bright, and there were several designer brands to choose from. I began walking around to take it all in and of course, see which cute item fit into my 'budget'. My first stop was the accessory table. They had all types of goodies from House of Harlow to Jennifer Zeuner. Now if you’re looking to get an early Christmas party/New Year's Eve outfit, this is definitely the place to go to for that one of a kind look. I even spotted the cutest pair of leopard print baby Tom's (I live for leopard print). Unfortunately this location doesn't have a men's section, but there is a home area, so basically there is still something for everyone. After seeing all of that there, was still one section that I had to see *drum role please* the sale area. Let's just say this area still had trendy items available that weren't too off season. I thought I'd spotted the perfect mint green oversized clutch, until I realized that the latch was broken. Sucks for me because that, at a whopping $24.99 (with an additional 20% off) WAS in my budget.

Luck was not in my favor

Celebrity in the blogger world
 At this point I'd had my minature cupcake (courtesy of Georgetown Cupcakes) and now it was time to do what I'd come to do... get my book signed. As I walked to the end of the line (yes it was still long) I thought about my Election Day debauchery. Lo and behold, the young lady with the iPad came and saw that I'd signed in, she asked why I was standing in line and after she found out I was 'press' I was able to move on up to the eastside. I made my way back inside to the end of the actual book signing line *happy happy joy joy*. Once again, everything was uber organized, they even had someone to take the picture (because we have to have a picture to show it's real) as you're actually getting the book signed. I was super excited that I didn't have to nervously ask the person behind me to take my pic. Being someone that truly wants to get into photography, I am anal. Emily Schuman was sooo sweet. I asked her how she enjoyed being married and was it hard for her to be away from her husband (he was actually there). You would have thought I had a man by the questions I chose to ask *shrugs* just a girl that loves love.

Inspirational pouches
 Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and even saw a bit of inspiration in the store. The 'begin anywhere' quote really stuck with me. Expect great things from me, who knows,  I could just be your next guest author/blogger...ya never know lol. Now you know I wasn't going to leave you all without providing the deets to the swag bag *smiles*

Cupcake ornament, Stila eyeshadow, Butter nail polish, necklace, and sooo much more


Anonymous said...

Ooooooooh awesome post boo! Love the reference of the new blog name lol and it so fits you *cupcakes*! :)

Anonymous said...

Oooooohhhh I love this post boo and the event seemed awesome! I need to join you definitely! Love the reference of the new blog name lol *cupcakes*!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oooooohhhh I love this post boo and the event seemed awesome! I need to join you definitely! Love the reference of the new blog name lol *cupcakes*!!! :)