Friday, December 21, 2012

All I Want For Christmas Is You...

Although there are only 3 little days until Christmas, I still thought I'd let you all know what I want *wink wink*. Trust me, there is still time for you to get me something lol. I LOVE gifs and surprises, but since I'm single a lotof my items will be coming from your's truly.  My Christmas list goes a little something like this...


I have been wanting these boots for a while, they're not too much but just enough. The perfect mix of designer and functionality. I LOVE how the small bit of the Burberry pattern peeks through, a hint of luxury. These are no longer on the Burberry site but I'd be happy to settle for these.

I think this is the cutest piece of luggage for an overnight trip. I am a heavy packer so I'd also need an additional bag; but I really want this cutie (basically because its Hello Kitty).

Since I want to get into photography as (paid) hobby I need a beginner camera. I also need something to spruce up the quality of my YouTube videos. It took a bunch of research but I decided on Canon over Nikon. Just a lil FYI, I already picked it up already, but you know I'll need accessories.

I know that I currently own an iPad 2 but I really want the iPad mini. I mean its cute and it'll fit in any of my purses. Plus the specs are better in regard to the camera. I feel like I'd be able to take t and blog and take pics anywhere with it.

Let me not forget about clear skin. This has been on my list for a while and I just may get it soon since I can get it for a discounted price. You can't skimp on good skin.


I know that I didn't really include a lot of fashion related items but that's because I shop on a regular. Christmas for me is usually a couple of big ticket gadgets. What's on your list?

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