Saturday, December 22, 2012

Say Hello To My Lil Friend

I've LOVED snapping pictures ever since I can remember. I am THAT person that has to make sure that the shot is right and when its not (according to me) there is a problem.  I am also THAT person that will be upset when I take a great picture of my friends and then I look at my picture (that they took of me) like WTH. I know, I know, everyone isn't into photography, but I am. About two years ago I got a Nikon COOLPIX and it did the job (so I thought) but I knew that I needed a real starter camera. I needed a beginner DSLR and not just a point and shoot. I needed this because of my love taking good pictures as well as a way to make more quality YouTube videos. I went back and forth between the Nikon 5100 and the Canon T3i. I mean, I read several reviews and comparisons, and watched a plenty of YouTube videos. Finally, I decided on on the Canon *insert applause*. I have a few goals in mind in regard to photography. First up is a photography class, then next is a mentor. I hope that in about 6 months, I'll be able to take decent pictures and even get booked for a few events (including professional events) *fingers crossed*. Also, in that time I hope that I'll be ready to step it up to a more professional camera.

                                                                                                               Now I need a name for her...

Any and all name suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I'm sooo lame I always name my stuff. Aside from names, there are a couple of accessories that I need to make this photography journey worthwhile.


I think that this bag will be the first one that I order. I love the fact that its cute and chic. I really want to get in the habit of having my camera with me at ALL times.


This is the second bag that I have to get. It will literally fit everything that I'll need; multiple lenses, iPad/laptop, etc. I hope that you can tell that my extra funds will be funding my photography ventures so that I can make extra funds in the future.

Since its the Holiday season, I decided to get a bit festive at work. I actually saw this black tulle dress and didn't think it was much on the hanger but just felt inside my soul that it'd be different on. Lucky for me, when I tried the dress on, it was amazeballs!!! Since I have to wear all black to my part time job I knew it would be perfect. The tulle just made it all the more festive.

                                                                                                 Thanks to my Kiehl's photographer Robin!!!

                                                                                                          Necklace: F21// Belt: Charlotte Russe ($5)// Rings:(old)

Blazer: Macys (old)// Boots: Chinese Laundry (super old)// Dress: H&M ($15)

I think I managed to be festive in all black. A piece of advice no matter how ugly it appears on the rack, it deserves to be treated equally and taken into the dressing room. Have you turned any ugly duckling clothing into beautiful swan clothing?


Carla said...

You look adorable.

I just purchased a Nikon L810 and while I am absolutely in love with it, I still would like a Canon like the one you have pictured.

Special K said...

@carla, thank you sooo much. I wanna upgrade in 6 months to the Mark 5D