Thursday, January 31, 2013

Encourage Yourself!!!


I promise you guys that this will not turn into an employment or better yet an unemployment blog lol. Luckily, I'm a lifestyle blogger which means I am not limited on what I can speak about. With that being said, losing my job has been a bit discouraging. Sometimes I cry for no reason, or maybe there is a reason... I'm jobless, feel as if I don't have a sense of security, etc. Honestly, I am afraid of the unknown. I know that my previous job wasn't my career per se; but I am afraid of not being in control, especially that which concerns my finances, afraid that I may just have to ask someone for help. Although I haven't been in this particular situation before, I have been in several other situations where I absolutely had no control of the outcome. I can recount many a times where I had to lean not on my own understanding, but to something greater than that. I had to truly place my faith in the one above and trust totally, that everything was meant for my good even when it seemed sooo bad. And at times, when I didn't have anyone to talk to (by choice) I simply had to encourage myself.

I haven't yet responded to the uplifting comments left on the post where I disclosed I was laid off, but I am grateful for the kind words and encouragement (and yes I'm going to respond after this, lol). A few of you reading this may be in the same situation that I'm in, laid off; or you may be in another situation where you feel afraid, lonely, or simply discouraged. For me, inspirational music always lifts my spirit so I wanted to leave you with a few songs to encourage yourself.

1. Encourage Yourself- Donald Lawrence
2. Smile- Kirk Franklin
3. Turning Around For Me- VaShaun Mitchell
4. Be Still- Yolanda Adams
5. God Believes In You- Ted Winn
6. That's When He Blessed Me- LA Mass Choir
7. The Best Is Yet To Come- Donald Lawence
8. It's About Time For A Miracle- Beverly Crawford
9. Jesus Will- Anita Wilson
10. The Best Is Yet To Come- Bishop Paul Morton
11. What's Coming Is Better- Deon Kipping

I hope those songs help you out a bit. In regard to my job loss I've been doing a prayer recipe from the Prayer Cookbook. If your interested in it send me you e-mail address and I'll send it to you. Be encouraged!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss my friend knowing that as I sit at my desk, this fashion savvy chic diva that I call my wifey will no longer grace me with her presence. As the song says, "The best is yet to come..." trust and believe it shall be greater than the last. Continue with strong faith my friend and always remember my favorite scripture, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1

Love you bunches!