Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wait Til I Get My Money Right...

I'm not sure if I'd classify myself as a shopaholic per se... but something about new items with attractive packaging ALWAYS lure me in. Now that I'm a statistic within the realms of the unemployed; I-want-EVERYTHING. Just today I see that tickets go on sale for my favorite artist (Erykah Badu) tomorrow and I'd be lying if I stated that I'm not going lol. Plus, my girl crush (Rhianna) is performing in April and I want to be somewhere in the vicinity. I wish I could say that my list of 'wants' stop there at entertainment but I cant.

Just yesterday, I saw a new comforter set that would be perfect for the King and I. It's mint green, ruffled and has a sequin accent pillow. Let's not even mention the fact that my part time job (which happens to be my only job at the moment) is in the mall; and I literally have to force myself to stay within the 4 corners of the store. I mean the smell of the food, the sale signs, and those freaking coupons have me feeling like Pookie from New Jack City; they just keep calling me.

I could go on and on, however I won't. This time is teaching me that less is more, work with what you have, save for a rainy day and any other one of those sayings that signify you're broke lol. But wait, just wait til I get my money right!!!

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