Thursday, March 21, 2013

First Print Edition Soiree

Last weekend I had a chance to attend a Luri and Wilma magazine launch at Meeps. Meeps is a vintage boutique located in a popular hipster area of Adams Morgan in DC. I was super excited because it's been a while since I've actually gone out as a blogger attending a fashion event (meaning having my camera with a memory card to blog). But I was a bit hesitant as well because Adams Morgan isn't one of those places you can just park and shop/eat/club. I mean the parking in that area is serious and makes me super anxious. Luckily a car was leaving so I was able to pull into a spot (didn't have to parallel although I'm good at it now). I have learned to be prepared so I threw on my trusty flats and hiked downhill a block away. Yes, I am that girl that stops at the door to put her shoes on.
I loved how open and bright Meeps is. I saw several cute vintage options but I prefer thrifting for vintage myself, a less expensive option. However, I did purchase a cute pair of mini heart studs that will come in handy. Since I RSVP'd and paid for the magazine I was able to get unlimited drinks and spring snacks. Whatever they mixed in the Honest tea was delish, I didn't partake in the snacks because they had nuts. This was a very nice event and believe it or not I arrived super early sooo there weren't many attendees at the time, so I left early as well.

Shirt and Jewelry:F21// Pants:H&M// Shoes:Vintage// Faux Leather Bomber: Target// Headband:Old

Tons of cute vintage jewelry

Cute pair of heart earrings I picked up
And I just LOVE your flashy ways- Notorious B.I.G


Anonymous said...

Soooo very cutsie Ms. Kristin!! Love it!!!

Alicia Conway said...

To stand out with the image is getting quite hard nowadays, since everyone now has an access to the shops. Here's an example of how to do this with the help of hair:
Buzzed hair
By the way, I followed you up with GFC, it'd be great if you follow me back.

KJ said...

Hi doll,

You're rocked a haute look, and Pearls and Peacocks would like to congratulate you.

Thanks for inspiring all with your haute style..

~Kanae at Pearls and Peacocks (BLM Girl)