Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Madness

Usually this is an exciting time of the year for basketball fans around the world (I'm more of a football fan myself). However, I wish that I could say that this time is equally exciting for me. The month of March didn't really start off as I would have liked it too. The madness actually stemmed a bit from February (now would be a perfect time to whoo-sah).

Sometime in February, I came home to a water drenched bedroom. Maybe I would be a tad bit ok if this were the first time that it has happened. but no, this is actually the third time that I have had a leak in the condo I rent. Luckily for me it wasn't in my Master bedroom but in the spare room. The unlucky part of it was having to call the lady I lease from (who happens to live in Ga.) and try to explain what I couldn't explain. I mean, I watch a lot of HGTV (actually watching it as I type) but I'm nowhere equipped to fix anything. The most that I'm good for is changing the light bulbs and at times that too sucks. There has been sooo much going on with this process. The one thing that I have learned, is renting a condo from a person who live out of state and doesn't have a property manager is not for me. I actually don't recommend it for any of you reading as well.  This has been the worse two years of my renting history. I have NEVER had this many issues before nor have dealt with a person who tries to get over on everyone. It has come to a point that for my sanity, I don't answer calls nor respond to the ridiculous e-mails from my landlord. Yes, it is that serious. To date, the problem still hasn't been fixed and I don't have use of my spare bedroom. Just take a look...

                                                        Bedroom furniture in the living room area

Bed broke down and in the spare bathroom
Hole from the outside
Hole from the utility room into the spare bedroom
Closer look from the utility room
Yes, I know what you're thinking... that's some bullsh*t. If you only knew the half of it.  P.S the room was taped up because mold was found due to the water damage.
I wish I could say that that is the end of my March Madness but it continues. I am still not working full time. This has got to be the most stressful thing ever. All I do is apply, apply, apply. I have had my share of interviews and there was actually one position that I just knew I had. Welp, I didn't. Let's just say I was told I didn't get it in Feb. I was blown, total confidence killer. The week before last the staffing agency called to see if I was still interested in the position and of course I was. The account manager also stated that he was out of town and the recruiter shouldn't have told me that I didn't get the position because the client was still interested but also had someone else who was a bit more qualified. Now the way it was  presented to me was that my next move was to sign the paperwork and begin working; or maybe that's just how I took it. Long story short, these mofo's called my references again because in the initial interview the client didn't think I was assertive enough. For those of you reading that know me personally, you know I have no issues in that department. I guess times are really changing, gone are the days of interviewing confidently, you gotta be aggressive, be be aggressive. So instead of signing the paperwork and starting a position, I had to interview again last Wednesday. When that idea was presented and the reason behind it, I was furious. I almost forgot that I don't have anything full-time and said to hell with the position. Fast forward to today and I haven't heard anything. I mean it's been a whole week. So I took my 'assertive' self and called to see if a decision had been made. The account manager stated he was out of town and hadn't heard anything yet, sooo much for delegating responsibility. He promised that the recruiter would contact me by close of business today, you think that happened? No. So tomorrow, if I hear from them and the outcome is not positive, I'm going to ask them to remove my resume from their system because obviously they dropped the ball prior and don't know how to handle business in my opinion.
So as you see we are almost through the month of March and so far it has been nothing but madness for me. The good thing is that the lease is almost over, the bad thing is that I don't actually have that job to get another place. However, I am still trying to remain positive. Today started a new season and I pray that Spring produces some good news for me in all aspects of my life.


Alexia said...

WOW! Trust me, I completely know what you are going through. I actually packed up and moved to another state just to have the job cancelled. It is rough out here and I think employers take advantage of that, but trust that you will look back on this time and know just how awesome He is. He's setting you up for something GREAT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Things will work out for your good miss kitty!! I didn't think that the issue had gotten to this magnitude even from the other stories...anywhoo, this too shall pass and you are on your way to greater. P.S. YES, your friend has been keeping up with your blog! :)