Saturday, March 23, 2013

Get Off My Grass

Let me be the first to tell you that the best person that knows about Kristin, is Kristin. I hate when people make assumptions based off of what they think, what they've seen, or what they've heard; especially when you can ask the person.  I haven't had a full time job in over two months and its definitely a daily stressor at times. Nonetheless, I apply and give my all on each interview I have. This post actually stems from a conversation that an acquaintance had about me. Now I wasn't actually privy to the conversation which is why I haven't approached the person. I am nowhere near passive and just believe in getting all the facts out there so to speak. The acquaintance had the nerve to state that I must like being on unemployment because I'm always out of town (she saw that I was in New York and Atlanta a couple of weeks ago). Now I'm not sure how my being out of town equates to me not wanting a full time job and aside from that she's not my friend nor family so she has no clue what was going on. After I heard, trust and believe I was super pissed, and I wanted to call her out but since I didn't see/hear it for myself; it would have just been hear say. The moral of this story is don't talk about what you don't know about. And if there's something you'd like to know, ask. Other than that, get off my grass!!!

On another note, I was invited to New York a while before I was laid off. I actually didn't plan the trip until after the layoff because when I was working I was super focused on my paper and putting money aside to move this spring. I figured, why not take the New York trip soon rather than later. My thoughts were whenever I get a new position, I know that I won't have any vacation time to do anything so now (or then) timing was perfect, a quick weekend trip.  I ended up having a great time with my number one fan. I won't lie, I had a bit of an attitude in the beginning, but would I be Kristin without being a brat (at least I didn't show it). I can't wait to experience New York in the summer, please let me know of any upcoming festivals. Take a look below to see me in total tourist mode...

Gotta Love a nice hotel!!!

True New Yorker (for that weekend at least)

My dreams of being on Broadway came true lol 

Super excited to stop at the Sanrio store
Had hookah and met new friends, they were super cool!!!
The next trip I took instead of sitting at home on unemployment  was home to Georgia.I finally had two days in a row off from my part time gig and wanted to go home really, really bad. One of my days off was also the day that my grandmother was getting a few test results back from the doctor and I wanted to be there.  I made a pit stop in Atlanta and then headed to C-Town. I really needed a big dose of family, even it was only two days. 


Style, via Tia said...

Lol so funny "your dreams of being on Broadway" too cute. Nice pics I have that same umbrella and love it so cute!


Anonymous said...

Omgoodness! It looks like you had a BLAST!! I have yet to visit New York. I LOVE your tan bag. Where did you get it from?