Monday, September 2, 2013

BLM Girl Experience-DMV

Saturday I was able to attend my first BLM Girl Experience. This workshop  focused on Building & Growing Your Brand while staying true to the years theme of REALationships. You may not understand, but I was super excited about this ever since I heard of it. I LOVE writing, however, sometimes I lack confidence and blogging knowledge that can take me to the next level. The workshop for the DMV area (1 event/4cities) was held in NE DC at The 201 Bar. If you are from the DC area then you know a thing or two about the traffic; I shouldnt have to mention that I arrived fashionably late. However, half of that time included me looping around the street for safe parking. I was happy that when I finally made it in everyone was still doing the meet and greet portion so I was good. Although this was the first workshop of its kind for BLM Girls it was well organized. In the DMV we were lucky to have Karen and Whitney as our hostesses and Arsha who taught us about branding and igniting the fire under each of us to get out there and get, get, get it (Jeezy reference). 

Since I am such a foodie, I can't continue this post without mentioning what a wonderful job The 201 Bar did with the food. Before the actual spread came out we were treated to several appetizers, and saying that they were good is a total understatement. BLM Girls also provided us with a 1 drink ticket, which is always a good thing to me.

Motivating workshop, great food, and of course The Bloggers. It felt really good to be amongst people with the same interest and passion. It was great to bounce back information, share ideas, and network. Their were all types of bloggers... fashion, fitness, beauty, and lifestyle just to name a few. The DMV had bloggers as far as Norfolk to Delaware. I was lucky to meet each of them and hope that we can keep in touch and help each other build out brands.

This lovely tee was in my swag bag along with Arsha's mambo sauce that I can't wait to try!!! I pray that I am able to make it to the conference in Atlanta next year. Thanks to Leslie and everyone else that make BLM Girls what it is today.

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Okay how did I miss this? I follow @blmgirls on both my Twitter accounts! Dag.