Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Girls Just Want To Have Fund$

Day 7 of Blogtember is to share links of your favorite places to shop.

This might be my FAV post of Blogtember since all I'm doing now days is window shopping and there are sooo many things I want. I can't really categorize my style, I really dress how I feel. Most of the times I dress pretty trendy (one of my besties jokingly call me Trendy Mindy) but there are definitely times when I prep it up, rock it out, or be on my urban hippie ish. A few of my FAV stores are

American Eagle
Urban Outfitters
Salvation Army
J. Crew
Charlotte Russe
Kate Spade
Michael Kors
Hot Topic

Honestly, I shop everywhere, I don't discriminate, I see something cute and I get it when I can. I just rounded up just a few things that I'm feeling right now, trust and believe, there's more. That bag is calling my name...I need it, I want it... Gotta Have It will post when I get it!!!

Forever 21 dress

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