Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekends Were Made For Me...

Although I work 7 days a week, something about the weekends make me feel sooo much better. The weekends are a time when I can actually explore the city with my friends that work m-f, and kick it with any of my other friends that may come up for a visit.

This weekend started off just like any other except I was a bit stressed due to some unnecessary BS (that's another post altogether). After checking out my friends new pad, we headed out to DC for dinner and afterwards returned back to Va. for drinks. 

Friday night was kool and chill I actually made it back in pretty early. Although we didn't do much I was super tired and fell asleep without my mask. With that being said, Saturday morning was especially hard for me. I actually got out of bed at 9:18 and had to be to work at 10, luckily I was able to throw on jeans and a tee and head out.

I didn't actually know how the day/night would turn out since I'd originally planned to work an earlier shift to attend HU's game against Morehouse. Nonetheless, my friends always know about something kool that's taking place; and this time it was no different. I decided to kick it with them instead and go to a jazz festival in Silver Spring, Md.  I was kinda excited for an outdoor evening event and immediately started thinking about pieces/looks that could transition into night. Of course I walked the mall to find something but decided to just shop my own closet. At first I wasn't too gung ho about my look and felt it was a bit too matchy, but everyone knows you can't go wrong with black and white, right? Although I knew that, I also knew I needed a few colors to make it pop, so I opted for a red bandeau and a purple lippie. Take a look for yourself, you gotta love an #OOTD literally!!!

A bit self absorbed you say, lol, not really. I'm actually not photogenic and really truly like being behind the camera but when my outfit is cute all I wanna hear is click, click lol!!! If you're into twitter and Instagram then you already know one lives for a good hash tag; and if you make YouTube videos you know that hash tag is #OOTD. 

Nonetheless, the main attraction was the actual jazz festival and being able to enjoy a few of my friends. Judging from the pics you're definitely able to tell we have hair in common and not just any hair, BIG hair!!! We also recently dealt with a few of the same dating scenarios or scandals to say the least and had to discuss them.

Something about live music just sits sooo well with my spirit and this made me want a glass of wine and cuddle with my non-existent boo thang.

Aside from the jazz festival, random 'date' talk, and meeting one of our friends 'king' (you gotta love love, especially when it's real), we browsed H&M and headed out for drinks, appetizers, and desserts.


The late night spot in Md. was sooo much fun although I didn't see one cute guy...oh well. I hope that I'm able to experience more lounges in Md. because it definitely is a bit different from DC, a little more chill.

I actually woke up this morning feeling great. I think it was because my mom appeared in my dreams and it was just sooo realistic (she usually comes whenever I'm stressed or going through something difficult). As much as I wanted to go to church, I didn't make it, but I did watch if on my iPad. I'm almost certain that God sent the messenger and message for me. The preacher's sermon was Thank God For What Didn't Happen. The message really hit home when the preacher stated 'if people want to leave your life, hold the door open' and that 'your destiny can't be ruined by the decisions of others'. Sooo many times we try to hold on to the exact thing that God is trying to remove. I've stated several times and have seen personally that every time God removes something or takes something away from me he replaces it with something even better. And like the song says, if He did it before He'll do it again. You all just don't understand how much I needed that, like seriously!!!

As much as I wanted to go to Brunch (since I'm rarely off on Sunday) or visit a winery; instead I decided to just chill, make an omelette out of what little I had in the fridge, and catch up on old Sex In The City episodes. Those shows NEVER get old and are still relevant to dating, actually caring for someone, sex, and love.

I was super bored and could not stay in sooo I checked my mailbox, grabbed a pumpkin spice coffee, and window shopped.

I am totally obsessed with bows and the bow shoes were super cute. I was very shocked to find overalls at JC Penny. They were actually on sale and were calling my name. People sleep on JC Penny, but in actuality they have the same trends as other department stores with better prices. Look at the fox sweater I saw, I have sooo many styling options in my head (stay tuned I may just post them). The ring I'm wearing is similar to what I'd like as a wedding ring, simple and vintage (of course I don't need 4 bands on one finger). Those purple workout pants will be mine soon, I am definitely on a fitness kick right now.

All in all, another great weekend. I'm convinced that weekends are made for me!!! My Bestie will be driving up on Friday sooo I can wait to see what we get into *evil grin*. How did you spend your weekend?


Pynkstarr said...

Ugh I miss me some Jc Penny...people do sleep on that store. I'm happy that you're weekend was pretty dope!!

Teronda said...

Girl, you ARE photogenic! I, on the other hand, usually take pictures 6 times before I see one I like!

Elizabeth M said...

Omg thank you for giving me ideas for my stripped leggings!